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Why the Data Shop?

The Data Shop understands the importance of data to a business, how to make it work and its real cost.

We have many case studies where companies have mis-managed their data. They ignored changes, accepted errors and paid insufficient attention to content. A wrong initial, a surname spelt incorrectly, a partial address or worst of all they have moved on. This all serves to waste opportunities. You don't like it when it happens to you, so why should your clients?

People underestimate the value of their database. Easily managed and maintained it will increase the net worth of your business. One client was bought by a competitor precisely because their database was far superior to theirs.

With minimal training and support from the Data Shop, your data can be quickly cleansed and analysed, to make it manageable and sustainable. Once done you can do it yourself with a few resources, making the data work for you and not for your competitors.

We have the expertise to really unleash the potential of your data!

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